• Experts say that the top ten car-destroying behaviors in daily use

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    1. Crashing in the scorching sun

    Event playback: Will spring come and summer be far behind? In summer, some car owners also impose the habit of taking a shower on their cars. After a day's driving, he took a cold shower to cool it down. Most car owners will find that after a shower, the car will be ready to cook. When the car was pulled to the garage, the owner of the car said, "I'm good for it."

    Experts say

    You also know that when people rush into the cold water, they will be agitated and shivering. The car won't talk. You just toss and turn it around like this. The expansion and contraction of the hot air is the simplest physical principle. After exposure and driving, the temperature of the paint surface and the engine is very high. At this time, you want to wash inside and outside, good fellow, and the paint will just be tormented by you. At most, it will drop a piece of paint in the future, but the engine will strike immediately, so that you will not spend a thousand and eight hundred to never go back to work.

    2. Adding mushroom head

    Event playback: After driving for a long time, the car feels weak. If more air can be entered into the engine and the gasoline can be burned more fully, then the power can not be improved? So some car owners take it for granted to modify the intake system: install "mushroom head" directly in the intake port, I heard that this can increase the intake of the car, the engine "eat" more, the power will naturally be enhanced. And the price is cheap, as long as 300 to 500 yuan, why not.

    Experts say

    Advertisements say that people who eat too much tend to have bloated stomachs, and the same is true of cars. The scientific name of "mushroom head" is high-flow style, which is a high-performance air filter. In theory, it can increase the air flow in the engine, make the combustion in the engine compartment more fully, and improve the power performance. But for the air with a lot of fine dust in the north, increasing the air intake will also bring more fine dust into the cylinder, which will cause the early wear of the engine, but affect the engine's power performance.

    3. Dispersion of fragrance in car

    Event replay: the smell of the car is always cold and has no popularity, so drivers like to put some car perfume, air freshener and stuff in the car. The car smelled good and the bad smell was gone.

    Experts say

    The air freshener is also synthesized by various chemical components such as ether and essence. It does not decompose harmful gases, but only by emitting fragrance to cover up peculiar smell, and by mixing people's sense of smell to "dilute" peculiar smell. The gases produced by the chemical decomposition of these substances in the air are air pollutants themselves, on the contrary, they aggravate the air pollution in the car. Long-term use of aromatics can cause adverse stimulation to human body, and inferior aromatics can also cause harm to human nervous system.

    Fragrance chemicals can be absorbed into the body through the mouth, nose and skin. These components can be circulated through the blood to all parts of the body. Sensitive people can easily cause headache, sneezing, tears, dyspnea, dizziness, sore throat, chest tightness, overactivity and other symptoms.

    4. The more oil you add, the better.

    Event playback: It's time to change the oil. Some car owners want to be more "considerate" about their car, so they fill up the oil. They believe that the more oil is added, the better the lubrication of the engine, and it can also reduce the frequency of oil replenishment and save money.

    Experts say

    If there is too much oil, it will increase the internal workload of the engine. The crankshaft and connecting rod will stir violently when the engine works, which will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase the fuel consumption. As a result, the increased oil splashed on the cylinder wall is prone to burn engine oil, resulting in poor engine lubrication. The amount of oil should be controlled in a proper range, between the upper and lower lines of the oil gauge.

    5. Adding a mat to the seat

    Event playback: Summer is coming. It's really uncomfortable to sit for a long time. Whether leather seats or knitted interiors, they are prone to sweating, affecting the image, driving can not concentrate, it is better to add a bamboo mat, sit cool, and the price is not expensive. It's not too hot to turn on the air-conditioner, so the fuel consumption has dropped.

    Experts say

    Are you afraid you won't be able to shake off when you brake? This kind of mat has little friction, whether it is accelerating or braking, which makes it easy for the body to slide when braking, and also minimizes the protective capacity of the seat belt. So turn on the air conditioner when it's hot, and put safety first than the little money saved.

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