• You can see the correct operation process during the inspection of automobile testing equipment.

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    Vehicle testing equipment: inspection during sideslip test bench

    Technical basis: National Verification Regulation for Measurement JJG908-2009 Verification Regulation for Skateboard Vehicle Side Slip Inspection Table.

    Check this item and related requirements: zero error, and +0.2m/km. The observation times and time intervals of zero drift were 5 minutes/time and 0.2 m/km within 15 minutes. The repeatability error of indication value is 0.1m/km.

    Vehicle inspection equipment used in verification: percentile meter 0 mm - 10 mm, Level 2 (+2%).

    Verification method of automobile inspection equipment: install percentile meter and baffle on the left or right platform, enter the calibration interface, select the calibration point, press the zero-clearing key, and use micro-tool to drive the slide slowly. When the indication value of the side slide is 3m/km, 5m/km and 7m/km, the percentile should be read separately. Repeat three times inward and outward respectively, and then calculate the error of indication according to the following calculation.

    I = xi-si/L, in the formula I - - the indication error of the first measuring point (m/km); Xi - - the indication value of the side slide of the first measuring point (m/km); the average value of the percentile of the third measuring point of Si - - I (mm); and the longitudinal length of the L - - Skateboard along the direction of the motor vehicle (m).

    In summary, the error of each measuring point of automobile testing equipment is +0.2m/km. The left and right automobile test equipment benches are calibrated separately.

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