• What are the main contents of automobile safety performance testing line?

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    With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more private cars, but the safety of cars is still a problem that we can not ignore. The safety of automobiles is directly related to people's life and health, as well as the integrity of automobiles and transport goods. Especially with the increase of car ownership and speed, the safety requirements of automobiles are becoming more and more stringent. Vehicle safety performance testing line is mainly used to test items related to vehicle safety and environmental protection. What are the main contents of automobile safety performance testing line? Take a look at Zibo Kecheng Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. for our introduction.

    [What are the main contents of automobile safety performance testing line]

    (1) Check the license plate number, whether the driver's license is damaged, changed, unclear, and whether the driving certificate is consistent with the various data of the vehicle.

    (2) Check whether the vehicle has been modified, modified or replaced, and whether the change has been approved and processed.

    (3) Check whether the appearance of the vehicle is intact, whether the connecting parts are tight, whether there is water leakage, oil leakage, air leakage or electricity leakage. Check whether the vehicles and systems meet the basic requirements stipulated in GB7258-1997 "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Safety".

    With the progress of science and technology, automobile detection and diagnosis technology is also developing rapidly. Traditional detection methods can not meet the needs of modern automobile detection. The development of new technologies in other fields also promotes the development and update of automobile detection equipment. Today, Zibo Kecheng Automobile Electronics introduces its development trend for you.

    [Development Trend of Automotive Testing Equipment]

    From the point of view of industrial development, automobile testing, as a service link in the development of automobile industry, has brought about a series of related market advances, such as the development of automobile testing equipment, the increase of automobile testing stations, the progress of automobile testing technology and the expansion of upstream and downstream demand market. Home and governments at all levels will inevitably put forward higher requirements for automobile year testing technology and equipment. With the growing market of automobile maintenance industry, the demand for automobile maintenance diagnostic equipment will continue to expand. From this point of view, the development prospects of automobile detection technology and equipment are very broad.

    Automobile testing equipment is an indispensable equipment for automobile maintenance. When choosing it, we should select the appropriate equipment according to the specific testing items and requirements. At the same time, we should choose the trustworthy automobile testing equipment manufacturers to ensure the quality of products. Zibo Kecheng has been engaged in the industry for many years. As a trusted automobile testing equipment manufacturer, Zibo Kecheng has been highly praised both inside and outside the industry. OK, the product has won a number of patents, you are welcome to choose to use!

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